My Own Devices EP

I’m very proud to announce the release of “My Own Devices”, a four-song EP of new instrumentals on 9Ball Records. I’m joined on two songs by the innovative cellist, Richard Curran.

The tracks on “My Own Devices” reflect my fascination with the Top 40 instrumental hits of the 1950’s and 1960’s, “song without words” in a bewildering variety of genres that would pop up now and then and achieve huge popularity. These ranged from Link Wray’s “Rumble” to “Time Out” by the Dave Brubeck Quartet to “Classical Gas” by Mason Williams, and many more. The masters, of course, were Booker T. & the MG’s, beginning with “Green Onions”. My own take on the form is slightly left field; except for the cello, I play everything myself. I use as much improvisation as I can, I favor first takes whenever possible, and my country/blues/jazz/ambient influences take things in directions that regularly surprise me.

“My Own Devices” is premiering on FolkRadioUK, who have a very nice write-up on the EP and the songs.

The cover features a photograph I love from Concrete City, near Scranton, Pennsylvania, by the very talented photographer Nadia Wegleski.

I hope you enjoy the music.


2020 continues, in the strangest ways possible…

A new song!  This is “It’s Like This”, an edited version of a longer instrumental piece which will be on the EP My Own Devices – to be released on June 19.  I’m joined again by the brilliant Richard Curran on cello, viola and violin.

Dominic at Monolith Cocktail was kind enough to host the premiere of “It’s Like This” on 15 May:

Premiere (Single): Myles Cochran ‘It’s Like This’

It’s now available on most streaming outlets, and, as always, on Bandcamp for artist support:

Very cool photo by Nadia Wegleski (