I bring many years’ experience in the studio to producing your music – whether it’s one song or a full album.  My experience as a songwriter, session musician, band leader and band member, producer, and recording engineer allow me to bridge the gaps in the studio – to make recordings in a way that gives the artist the room to create and that captures their vision for their music.

I’m as comfortable working with live performances by a band as with building songs with a singer-songwriter.  Well-constructed songs and arrangements go a long way to achieving an artist’s goals for a recording, and I can work as an advisor and engineer, as a collaborator, or as a player for specific parts.  My primary instrument is guitar, but I play bass, keyboards and drums as well.

I work primarily out of two studios – a small space in Devon, and a larger facility in southwest France.  They’re both private, and are primarily reserved for my work, either as an artist or with production clients.  Each provides a unique and creative atmosphere, with equal measures of modern and vintage gear, excellent acoustics, and a sizable vintage guitar and amp collection.